The rugged coastline of the Budva Riviera is around 38 km long, and it boasts many sandy beaches, coves, inlets, stone capes and small islands. Over 12,000 metres of the coastline is covered with sandy beaches, whichan average width of around 25 metres, while the total area of all the beaches is approximately 280,000 square metres.

There are more than 30 large beaches along the Riviera, starting from Jaz on the north to Buljarica on the south of the Municipality of Budva. Most of the beaches are divided into several parts (public or hotel beaches), offering the rental of beach equipment (parasols, deckchairs) and sports equipment (boats, paddleboats), carefully regulated in terms ofthe use of space and beach conduct, with an organized lifeguard service, along with many establishments offering food and drinks, and a number of small shopping outlets.


The longest beach in the Budva Riviera – 2,250 metres long and covers an area…

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The Lucice beach is located 500 metres south of Petrovac, in a cove between two…

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Perazica do

A small beach located in a cove, below the Monastery of Rezevici, can be reached…

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