Water sports

If you wish to be a little more active on the beach, you can choose from a wide range of sporting activities that can complement your visit to the seaside. Try parasailing, diving, waterskiing, or fly-boarding, explore the coast on a paddleboat or the seabed from a tourist submarine, or enjoy the adrenaline rush with your friends during the so-called “banana” and “ringo” rides.

Cool Commerce

Budva, Slovenska plaza (next to the bowling area)
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  • Parasailing
  • Tire ride
  • Diving
  • Water skiing
  • Paddleboats

Water sport Budva

Budva, Marina
Budva, Slovenska plaža
Bečići, Hotel Splendid
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  • Parasailing
  • Ringo ride
  • Banana ride
  • Fly fish ride
  • Tire drive
  • Waterpark
  • Boat rental and excursions


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  • Flyboard
  • Jetlev
  • Parasailing
  • Tourist submarine
  • Ringo ride
  • Airstream

Fishing & diving

For those who would like to enjoy the complete serenity offered by the sea, we recommend diving and fishing.

The seabed is rich in flora – featuring colonies of gorgonian and corals, while the sandy banks are covered with posidionia. Divers can photographs the shoals of common bream, black seabream, mullet and other fish, while they can often encounter bass, European conger, Mediterranean moray, eagle rays, common rays and lobster. On the other hand, those who opt for fishing could end up catching any one of them at the end of the day.

The sea temperature ranges between 21° – 25°C in the summer, which enables pleasant diving, while the sea temperature rarely goes below 13°C in the winter months. The sea salinity is 36 ppt, while the visibility is from 15 to 35 metres.


Sport and recreational fishing, which requires a fishing licence, include all types of angling and underwater spear-gun fishing (without additional equipment), with a daily catch of up to 3 kg or a single fish of up to 5 kg.
Fishing licences are issued by the local sport fishing clubs, whose details are available on the website of the Federation of Sea Angling of Montenegro, www.ssrm-cg.com. The licences are valid throughout the Montenegrin coast. A total of 2,000 licences are issued for the entire Montenegro state, and are then distributed to the clubs. There are 300 licences, valid for fifteen days or one month, available to tourists. The licence costs €15 for ten days and €30 for one month.

Sports Fishing Club SIRUN

Lučka kapetanija
+382 69 431 530

Tihomir Fabris


Sports Fishing Club DELFIN

Gradska luka b.b.
+382 67 304 080

Ivan Kotarac

Sports Fishing Club TUNA


Nikolaj Knežević


According to the latest regulations, diving certification is not necessary, while there are diving clubs in Budva, Przno, Sveti Stefan and Petrovac.

Diving Centre “Budva Diving”

The Old Town, Pizana swimming pool
+382 68 060 416

Diving Club “Pro Dive Hydrotech”

Hotel Maestral, Pržno
+382 69 013 985

Diving Club “Deep & Blue”

Sveti Stefan
+382 69 030 003

Diving Centre Petrovac

+382 69 034 363

“At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occurred at the Montenegrin seaside,” wrote the poet Lord Byron in the 19th century, referring to the natural beauty reflected in a contrast ofthe high Montenegrin Mountains, on one side and the enchanting waters of the Adriatic on the other.

One of the ways to feel this beauty of the Montenegrin coast and witness the veracity of the words of the English poet is yachting along the coast or on a boat trip organized every day during the summer.

Marinas and jetties

The Port and Marina of Budvaare located next to the Old Town walls. It covers an area of 62,000 square metres, out of which the dry area covers 4,000 square metres. The Marina has 330 commercial berths available, divided into 17 sections. All sections have fresh water and electricity connections available.

In addition to berths, the Marina also provides a series of other services, including: security, video surveillance, maintenance and the repair of smaller vessels, forklifts, tugging, catering, etc.

GPS: 42°16’49.0″N 18°50’18.6″E

Address: The Old Town oBudva
radio station: VHF ch 8 (16)

info@dukleymarina.com; +382 33 451 999; +382 33 451 059
Fax: +382 33 453 856

The pier on the island of Sveti Nikola is a seasonal pier with berths. It is a concrete pier located on the westernmost part of the island, which has an operational pier used for the mooring of vessels up to 80 metres long, and a separate pier with berths.

TheSlovenska plaza pier is a seasonal concrete pier, located in the central part of the Slovenska plaza, separated from the beach area. Its operational pier is intended for the mooring of vessels up to 85 metres long.

The Petrovac pier is used for seasonal mooring and berthing. The concrete pier with the berthing area for the boats of locals is located on the westernmost part of the Petrovacwaterfront. The water depth along the pier is between 0.3m and 4.3m, while the water depth at the entrance to the pier is between 0.3m and 4.8m. The operational pier is used for the mooring of vessels up to 45 metres long, while the berthing area is 80 metres long.